Kristina Shakht (born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia; self-taught) is a New York-based photographer and visual artist. Her work combines visual arts (photo/film/media art) with her own creative direction. The main themes she explores are intimacy, sensuality, self-identity and liberation. Inspired by Slavic fairy tales and mythology, she documents the female form and landscapes. Kristina’s focus on non-sexual work with the body shows the female figure from a woman’s perspective, creating a safe space of expression for both her and her subject, and depicting an imaginary new world. 

Kristina worked with i-D, Dazed, AnOther, NY Times, Office, Sleek, WWD, Elle, Puss Puss, Lampoon, Teeth, WÜL, WRPD, H&M, softandwet, The Break, A--Company, Meruert Tolegen. Her photography was showcased by Aperture Foundation, Rockefeller Center, Hunger Magazine & Rankin Creative.

Kristina has been selected as one of the 30 under 30 Women Photographers 2022 by Artpil and shortlisted for the 2023 Nobuyoshi Araki MA-g Awards. Additionally, her work is included in the permanent collection of The Museum of Avant-garde in Switzerland.

Contact for commissions & assignments

Instagram: @kristinashakht
Vimeo: kristinashakht