Kristina Shakht (born 1995 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia) is a New York based artist and creative director working with fashion, fine art and portrait photography and jewelry design. The main themes of her work are intimacy and self-identity.  

Kristina’s work has been featured in i-D, AnOther, NY Times, Puss Puss, Office, WÜL, The Blueprint, WRPD, Phosphenes, Lula Japan and BE-IN and was showcased by Aperture Foundation and Rockefeller Center in Flag Project (NYC, USA) and also in Memories, The Essential, The Performer and The Man and The Machine exhibitions, curated by LoosenArt Gallery (Rome, Italy).

Kristina worked with Marie Tomanova and Michael Somoroff.

Upcoming exhibitions:

March 27 - April 30: The Kiss: Maddy and Jah at The Flag Project by Rockefeller Center and Aperture Foundation at Rockefeller Center, New York

July 13 - 21: New York Lockdown series at Contrasts by LoosenArt Gallery, Rome